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Discover BIFC Busan, your gateway to authentic Indian and Halal cuisine right in the heart of Busan, South Korea. Whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, or a vegan, our diverse menu has something to satisfy every palate. Our chefs at BIFC take great pride in delivering a range of Indian delicacies that capture the true essence of India. From classic dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala and Paneer Butter Masala to regional specialities and flavorful biryanis, our menu offers a culinary journey through India’s rich flavours.

Every dish is prepared with a careful selection of exotic spices and the freshest, high-quality ingredients, ensuring an authentic and delectable experience. For those seeking a Halal restaurant in Busan, we’ve got you covered. We understand the importance of providing Halal options that adhere to strict quality and preparation standards.

Our menu caters to both vegans and vegetarians, offering a variety of dishes like Vegetable Korma and Chana Masala, all prepared with the same dedication to flavour and quality. BIFC in Busan offers a culinary adventure with vibrant Indian flavours, a warm atmosphere, and exceptional dining experiences. Whether you dine in, order takeout, or have food delivered, BIFC is the ultimate destination for the finest Indian, Halal, or vegan food in Busan.