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  • Seoul: 02-508-6660 강남점
  • Busan: 051-634-7828 부산문현점
  • Ulsan: 052-260-7828 울산점
  • Geoje: 055-687-7828 거제점
  • Gwanganli: 070-8621-7818 부산광안리점
  • Pangyo: 031-8017-4931 판교점
  • Haeundae: 051-747-3855 해운대점
  • Gwangbok: 051-256-7828 부산광복점


Ulsan 울산, Samsan Branch

Ulsan 울산, Samsan Branch
삼산점 :

The Bombay Brau is one of South Korea's most critically acclaimed Indian restaurants. Already recognised as one of Ulsan's finest dining experiences.

Our restaurants re-define Indian cuisine through innovative, deftly presented food with the flavour, depth and beauty of India. Sourcing the finest ingredients and exclusive spices, Bombay Brau presents a remarkable range of tastes, flavours and spices that appeal to all the senses.

Our restaurants are open 365 days a year from 11AM till 10PM.

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Contact Address

  • Ulsan 울산, Samsan Branch
  • Ulsan, Nam-gu, Samsan-dong, 1524-6 Beonji, 3rd Floor Phone 052-260-7828 울산 남구 삼산동 1524-6번지 3층 In Front of Up Square department store on top of Starbucks. 업스퀘어 맞은편 스타벅스건물 Opening Time:11AM till 10PM. 영업시간:오전11시~오후10시