Bombay Brau

Bombay Brau: Restaurants

  • Seoul: 02-508-6660 강남점
  • Busan: 051-634-7828 부산문현점
  • Ulsan: 052-260-7828 울산점
  • Geoje: 055-687-7828 거제점
  • Gwanganli: 070-8621-7818 부산광안리점
  • Pangyo: 031-8017-4931 판교점
  • Haeundae: 051-747-3855 해운대점
  • Gwangbok: 051-256-7828 부산광복점



Bombay Brau is the first Micro Brewery in Geoje. We brew our own beer and serve Indian Delicacies along with finger foods to go along with the Beer. We are famous for our India Pale Ale, tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala.

Bombay Brau is an Indian Restaurant and Brewery Chain with stores in Seoul, Busan, Geoje and Ulsan.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staffs are provided with ongoing training in all areas of the restaurant to ensure they are aware of the customer needs. We are on the lookout for exceptional customer focused individuals with great passion and personalities to join our dedicated team in all stores.We need people with service mind and a pleasing personality.

You will be working in a busy, fun, energetic team with great conditions

Bombay Brau in Samsan-Dong offers fresh beers brewed in our Geoje Brewery. We have three distinct flavors for you to try out. India Pale Ale is a very hoppy ale with around 7% alcohol content and 8 times hops of a regular beer. Punjab Wheat Beer is made using wheat boiled along with malt and fermented with a yeast strain from Germany. Our Pilsner style beer is made using the recipe from the Czech republic.

Disclaimer- Now for the purists out here. The pictures below are the actual shots of our brewery in geoje.

Even though we have a microbrewery in geoje. The capacity is not sufficient to serve both places and the shelf life is only 20 days. Therefore we frequently engage in contract brewing with other Micro Breweries in Korea but use the same recipe. All the beers are unfiltered and not sterilized.

Our Kitchen Staff